by Knife

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first single off the album "Iconoclast"
JULY 4th


The God MC, there can only be one, you need run
Cut a rappers head of and leave 'em
Absorb the power, of course they sour
You see the beast dunn, I'm a fat rap nut, you ain't even pre-cum
See, son
You never seen sun, when you buried beneath dung
If you scared of my speech, Never heard of streets that I be from
Watch me murder a beat, when I herd MC's and release 'em
So they disperse in the street, for emergency to come treat 'em
My childhood was shaped by a West Africa Massacre
Now a days it pays if you're less than half of spectacular
For cameras, rappers will suck faster than Dracula
I rap until the day that my face is packed with a catheter
I am Durantula, dribbling in the clutch
Merc your favorite rapper way before I finish the Dutch
Turn niggas to dust, killa deluxe, but I'm just sick of smiling
So I don't really give a fuck if you give my album

One mic, two mic's, three mic's four
Fuck Mic's, knife says everybody down
I don't give a shit about you, I don't fuck around
Turn the music up, let my people hear the sound

One mic, two mic's, three mic's four
Fuck mic's, knife says everybody bow
I don't give a shit about you, I don't fuck around
Kiss the fuckin' rings, let a nigga wear the crown

I wear my sun glasses at night

What I say from my jaw, is what they can't wait to deplore
Same heads of state that went and sent my generation to war
Politicians are all, spineless salamanders
Obama killed way more kids that Adam Lanza
My momma told me I'd be the boss, Tony Danza
I'm more of a George Kastanza to put you on to my swagger
I rather slave away to think of something to say
So when it come to putting words together, dog I'm a lab rat
With that, I'll still love my son if he's gay
But I'll kick him out the mutha fuckin' house if he raps wack


released June 5, 2014
Written / Performed by Kedrick Mack
Produced by Mammyth
Dope Sandwich 2014



all rights reserved


Knife Savannah, Georgia

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